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Laura studied at Northbrook College, Worthing, from 2001 to 2004. In that time she gained an HND in Technical Theatre, specialising in Prop Making, Set Design and Construction. She then carried on to achieve a BA (Hons.) in Theatre Arts, specialising in Set, Props, Costume Design and construction. 

After graduating, she worked for Worthing Theatres for nearly 18 years in various departments including; Front of House; as Box Office Supervisor and Venue Hire Manager. She loves to visit the Theatres and support their cultural programme. 


Laura is proud to be a part of the Conn Artists Theatre Company. She has been the Designer for all of their productions since she had an interesting conversation with Ross, which led to forming the company and eventually their first production - Vintage Hitchcock in November of 2013. With each show she feels she is progressing and finding a greater love of Costume design and shopping. 

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