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"We stayed behind for the discussion, but I said nothing, as I was probably still stunned by the wonderful production.
I just wanted to say how imaginative and beautifully acted the play was." 


"I thought the cast were all excellent and clearly committed to doing their very best even though it was late in the tour"



"Incredible performances and excellent set design. Wholeheartedly recommend this production."


"It was fascinating! To think of these authors as real people, not just names on the cover of a book, and think about their lives and interactions."


"Thoroughly enjoyable play about the meeting of Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll. The acting was great and really good to be able to see a live performance. Totally believable I felt I was an interloper listening in to their conversation."


"Yet again the Conn Artists produced an excellent show that was both entertaining and thought-provoking. It raised the question as to whether we should judge famous literary figures solely by their works or how far should the proclivities of their personal lives be taken into consideration. As always Ross Muir and David Stephens were terrific"


“Just home from a great evening out at The Capitol. That was an amazing adaptation of Silas Marner & incredible performances from every member of the cast! Possibly the best production of a classic that we've seen in years! Thank you for a really entertaining evening!”

“Thank you to the whole cast for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thought the production was extremely well suited to a smaller venue and loved the intimacy of the performance.”

“Do catch this if you can, brilliant telling of this moving story.”

“Saw the show last evening, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Alan, Michael and I really enjoyed it. I really liked the way the children were portrayed. Must go and read the book now.”

“A sensitive adaption of George Eliot's work, keeping as close as possible to the original narrative. We both thoroughly enjoyed this play - well cast and a very clever use of dolls to represent Eppie and Aaron as children - well done everyone in Conn Artists Theatre Company - come again soon please!”

“Innovative production. Story moving forward well, kept one's interest throughout.”

“A great evening with a very talented cast and a wonderful and imaginative production.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable production: very cleverly put over, with a variety of skills, such as acting (of course), puppeteering, singing, dancing and instrument playing.”

“Amazing production.” 

“Amusing and excellent acting”

 “An excellent local production of this moving story. An excellent performance by all the actors, moving smoothly through each change of scene. Clever narratives where necessary to keep the audience informed.” 

“An excellent production. We could not believe how good it was. The characters were so versatile and professional that we were totally absorbed. Their diction was superb and clear. The innovative portrayal and direction of the story was brilliant. It was one of the best productions we have seen at the Connaught Theatre and we have seen many.”

“Honestly one of the best things I’ve seen in Worthing, ambitious, clever, well acted, a real joy to watch.”

“We thought it was excellent. A beautifully told story by talented actors. One of our best ever theatre experiences.”

“Wow. I enjoyed it so much. I overheard many people raving about it! Moving, enchanting and you made people think about the worth of wealth as opposed to family and community. Walking around the stage and talking to the audience was a lovely 'touch'. Charming ladies, great story and fantastic acting by all. Thank you.”


“You were fantastic!”

“What a good evening at the Capitol Horsham last night. A brilliant adaptation so true to the book and so well acted by you all. I feel privileged to have been there. Many many Thanks. I wish you every success in the future.”

“We so enjoyed our journey through Sussex from our seats at the White Rock Theatre, Hastings. Great performances.”

“It was wonderful, even if held in Hampshire but as this little gem of a theatre was so good I forgive you!”

“Excellent show. Come back to Hants soon.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed this romp on Wednesday. Good luck for the rest of your tour. You really deserve it!”

“Took in this show last night - brilliant! Very clever and enjoyable. Well done to all concerned.”

“Really enjoyed it at Midhurst last night.”

“Catch it today, it's fabulous!”


“Really enjoyed tonight. Very absorbing monologue.”



“I saw the Good Doctor last week. It was excellent and very funny.”

“Congratulations on a really good choice of play, I enjoyed it. Also good to see the house very well supported.”

“I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to you and the cast of The Good Doctor. I thought the production itself was excellent, some of the funniest work that I've seen for a long time and superbly acted as well!”

“I came to the Thursday evening performance of The Good Doctor and I wanted to congratulate you and the cast on a great evening’s entertainment. Each member of the cast gave such energised and focused performances....I thought the set worked really well. Simple but effective.”



“Best one-man show I’ve ever seen . . . wonderfully performed!”


“It was a tour de force . . . with such charm and consummate skill the audience could just relax and enjoy the evening.”


“Ross Muir is brilliant, both as Oscar Wilde, Jack Worthing and dare I say, Dame Edith Evans! The show is worthy of the West End.”



“It really was a superb evening of entertainment. Really loved the warm-up guys - they were hilarious.  I said to one of them, "Goodness your hands are freezing." Instant response was, "You should feel the rest of me!" From then on it just got better and better.”

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